4.1.5. Switching Between TU and ADP Programs

Students admitted into the TU program may, in time and as a result of changing circumstances, find they might be better served by being in the ADP, and vice versa. Students are cautioned that switching between these programs is never easy and is sometimes impossible. For example, TU students must complete an entirely different general education program than ADP students. Further, the number of majors and minors available to ADP students is a small fraction of those available to TU students. There are other significant differences, as well. Students are urged to consult Secs. 7., 8.1. and 8.5., and to talk with their academic advisor and personnel in enrollment services, prior to earnestly contemplating switching between these programs. Students who ultimately wish to attempt to switch between these programs may do so by filing an appeal using the process outlined in Sec. 3.9.1.