9.21. French

Programs offered:

  • B.A. in French (TU)
  • Minor in French (TU)

A student who chooses French as a major will gain valuable knowledge, not only about the language, but also about the many unique and fascinating cultures represented in the French-speaking world. Like all languages offered in our foreign language program, the French major is informed by “the five C’s:” communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities. These areas represent the defined goals of National Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

The journey toward a French major begins with a thorough emphasis on reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking. These essential skills prepare the student with the foundations for communicating in diverse contexts in the French language. More advanced study of French will enable the student to explore the treasures of French and Francophone prose, poetry, drama and cinema, in addition to the study of colorful and intriguing civilizations in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa and Québec and wider French-speaking Canada. Through course offerings in French, students become more informed about America’s French-speaking neighbors to the north and in the Caribbean to the south in addition to becoming more functional global citizens.

Once students have reached an adequate level of proficiency in French, they will be ready to complement their classroom studies with full-immersion study abroad opportunities. As an invaluable component of the French major, students are required to study and live in a French-speaking country for a semester during the academic year following the completion of an initial sequence of courses taken in the program. Most French majors choose to study at Oglethorpe’s partner institution, the Catholic University of Lille. In addition, for the adventurous student, there are many other creative study abroad options available, all of which can be discussed with student advisors. Native speakers of French are invited to complete the 12-semester hour requirements of study abroad in courses at Oglethorpe or through cross registration at one of the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) institutions.

Many students who complete the French major go on to carry out graduate programs at other institutions in French and Francophone language and literature, linguistics, French cultural studies or international relations. Other graduates from the program become French instructors or find opportunities in corporate or non-profit organizations, where they continue to apply their language skills and global experiences. Students are also invited to combine a double major in French with other disciplines, a combination which greatly enhances student marketability after graduation.

All students with previous study or experience in French must take a language placement examination; see Sec. 6.4.4. of this Bulletin. They will be placed in the course sequence according to their competence. Under no circumstance should students with past experience in French place themselves in courses, especially at the elementary level. Students are not eligible to enroll in elementary and intermediate courses in their native languages.

B.A. in French (see Sec. 8.5.1. for a complete list of B.A. graduation requirements)

  1. Completion of all of the following courses (including required satisfaction of all prerequisites for FRE 201) unless exempted via the language placement test; see Sec. 6.4.4.:
    • FRE 201 Intermediate French I
    • FRE 202 Intermediate French II
    • FRE 301 French Conversation and Composition
    • FRE 302 French and Francophone Cultural Understanding
  2. Completion of a semester in an approved study abroad program.
  3. Completion of three additional upper level French courses.
  4. Completion of SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I (or simply placing into any Spanish course higher than SPN 101 on the Spanish placement test).
  5. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • A grade of “C-” or better is required in all courses counting for the French major.
    • The study abroad experience normally should occur after the completion of FRE302 and prior to attempting the three additional upper level French courses mentioned in item 3, above.
    • The study abroad experience must result in the student earning a minimum of12 semester hours.
    • It is recommended that French majors complete SPN 101 sometime during their first two years.
    • Certain requirements for the major may be met through an approved study abroad program.

Minor in French (TU)

  1. Completion of four French courses at the 200-level or above.
  2. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • Certain requirements for the major may be met through an approved study abroad program.