5.12.2. Payment of Awards and Renewal for Subsequent Years

Disbursements of annual awards will follow the schedule indicated on the student award letters (with the exception of federal work-study) and will be automatically credited to students accounts each semester by the enrollment services area after the drop/add period, provided the student continues to remain enrolled and all necessary paperwork has been completed.  Federal need-based financial aid will not be disbursed while a student is in the “verification” process.  Only when a student’s paperwork and applications are complete can aid be credited to the student’s account.

Renewal FAFSA information is provided to students by the U.S. Department of Education. Students must meet the eligibility requirements indicated above and file the appropriate applications for each program for each academic year they attend. The preferred deadline for receipt of a completed financial aid file is May 1. Applicants whose files become complete after this time will be considered based upon availability of funds.

For renewal of most institutional aid, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (see Sec. 5.14.).  A 3.2 or higher cumulative grade-point average is required for renewal of Presidential Scholarships with Recognition and for all full-tuition scholarships such as the James Edward Oglethorpe, Civic Engagement and OU Theatre Scholarships.

In addition to the cumulative grade-point average requirement, students must earn at least 24 semester hours during the two regular (fall and spring) semesters comprising the current academic year in order to renew institutional aid for a subsequent year. Students who are deficient in the number of hours required might attend summer school at Oglethorpe.

Students meeting the scholarship renewal criteria will have their merit awards automatically renewed for the next academic year.

To renew federal and state financial aid, students should complete the procedures outlined in Sec. 5.12.1.