8.5.3. Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Admission into the Adult Degree Program (ADP).
  • Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher on course work contributing to the Oglethorpe cumulative grade-point average. No more than 8 semester hours of independent studies; and no more than 12 semester hours of internship are permitted to count toward the 120 semester hour requirement.
    NOTE: Courses below 100-level are remedial or developmental, and their semester hours do not count towards the graduation requirement of a minimum of 120 semester hours.
  • Satisfaction of the residency requirement for the B.B.A. degree (see 8.3.2.).
  • Successful completion of the ADP general education requirements (see 7.2.).
  • Successful completion of B.B.A. major requirements (see 8.1. for a list of programs leading to the B.B.A. degree; see Sec. 9. for the corresponding major requirements). Completion, at Oglethorpe, of at least half the semester hours specifically mandated for each major according the major requirements given in Sec. 9.
  • Successful completion of any additional, officially declared academic programs, to include minor(s), concentration(s) and/or a second major (see 6.19.5.).
  • Submission of a completed application for degree to the enrollment services office by the stated deadline. If a student does not graduate as anticipated, an updated application for degree must be submitted.
  • Satisfaction of all financial and other obligations to the University and payment of a degree completion fee.
  • Participation in assessments of competencies gained and curricular effectiveness by completing standardized or other tests and surveys.
  • Formal faculty and board of trustees approval for graduation.