10.5.3. Application and Approval for Study Abroad

The study abroad applications are available on the global education website. Students are responsible for reviewing the instructions completing the application, and obtaining any required signatures from faculty and staff involved in determining eligibility for earning credit abroad. Students are responsible for submitting both a study-abroad application and a study-abroad authorization form for Global Education Office review by the appropriate deadline:

  • October 1 for spring semester programs longer than two weeks.
  • March 1 for summer and fall semester programs longer than two weeks.

Approved students will be notified two weeks after the deadline and must then complete the rest of the forms:

  • Application Part 2 by November/April 1, and
  • Study-abroad course approval form by December/May 1.

Students must complete these forms prior to departure for their study-abroad term to be eligible to receive transfer credits from any institution abroad. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure (prior to his or her departure from the host institution abroad) an official transcript is mailed to the assistant dean and director of global education, who will complete their review and coordinate with the Registrar’s Office to apply the transfer of credits. Host programs have separate policies, applications, and deadlines that students will also have to follow. Students should read host websites and applications carefully.