9.13. Creative Writing

Programs offered:

  • Minor in Creative Writing

Oglethorpe University’s Minor in Creative Writing offers practical and creative skills in prose, poetry, dramatic writing, and professional communication for business, science, and the arts. A creative writer assesses culture, history, identity, and their role in that cycle. The minor provides students the coursework and real-world experience to hone the craft and skills to express yourself and make a positive change in the world. Our program begins with an introductory survey course, and over the four-year university experience offers courses in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, and playwriting, as well as an Advanced Special Topics course and internships. Creative Writing students participate in a classroom workshop model designed to hear and share voices equally, in which students learn to productively critique their own writing and that of their peers. Oglethorpe’s Minor in Creative Writing is founded on the belief that creative writing is a craft that promotes a lasting and productive connection with the changing self and the world at large.

Minor in Creative Writing (TU)

  1. Completion of five of the following courses, totaling at least 20 semester hours:
    • THE 350 Playwriting
    • WRI 130 Creative Writing
    • WRI 231 Biography and Autobiography
    • WRI 290 Special Topics in Writing
    • WRI 330 Writing Poetry
    • WRI 331 Writing Prose, Fiction and Nonfiction
    • WRI 400 Advances Independent Study in Writing
    • WRI 490 Advances Special Topics in Writing
    • WRI 495 Internship in Writing
  2. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • WRI 130 and WRI 331 can each be taken twice for course credit, if the course description and content in each semester is substantially different in topic, as determined by the Creative Writing program coordinator.
    • WRI 495 Internship in Writing can only be counted once for the Creative Writing minor. For WRI 495 to qualify for the minor, it must be pre-approved to be a writing-intensive experience by the Creative Writing program coordinator and supervised by an English and Comparative Literature faculty member.