6.8. Ways of Obtaining Limited Undergraduate Academic Credit Without Taking Classes at Oglethorpe

This section describes ways a student may receive academic credit without actually taking courses at Oglethorpe. Unless specified otherwise, each of the following applies equally to both TU and ADP students.

Regardless of the total number of credits obtained from outside of Oglethorpe University, all degree-seeking students are required to complete a minimum number of credits at Oglethorpe University (32 for TU students; 30 for ADP students) to be eligible for degree conferral; see Sec. 8.3. In addition, all degree-types (B.A., B.A.L.S., B.B.A. and B.S.) require that at least half the credit hours specifically mandated for all declared academic programs (major, minor, concentration, certificate) according to the program requirements must be completed at Oglethorpe; see Sec. 8.5.

The following regulations are extremely important in terms of a student’s ability to satisfy graduation requirements; see Sec. 8.