6.12. Auditing Courses

Regularly admitted Oglethorpe students may register for courses on an “audit” basis. A student who audits a course may attend the course for enrichment, but is not required to take course examinations or complete other course requirements. In order to audit a course, a student must request an audit form from the HUB and submit it to the instructor of the course he/she intends to audit. If the class is not closed, the instructor may accept the student as an audit, and the signed form is returned by the student to the HUB. The grade awarded for a class taken on an audit basis is “AU” and no credits or quality points are earned. Students may register to take courses on an audit basis only during the drop/add period of the relevant semester. Following the drop/add period of the relevant semester the status of a course being graded or audit cannot be changed; this provision is not appealable under the provisions of Sec. 3.9. Fees for auditing classes are available at http:// hub.oglethorpe.edu/tuition-fees/. Audited courses cannot be used to satisfy any program, degree or graduation requirements.