14.7. Requests Not to Pursue Complaints and Confidentiality

Where a Complainant desires to initiate a grievance process, the Complainant cannot remain anonymous or prevent the Complainant’s identity from being disclosed to the Respondent.

A Complainant may determine in response to a report, or after filing a complaint that he or she does not wish to pursue a resolution through the University, or that he or she wants his or her identity to remain confidential. The University takes such requests seriously and, in many cases, will close the case. However, some circumstances may require the University, via the Title IX Coordinator, to initiate an investigation and adjudication of sexual harassment allegations in order to protect the educational community or otherwise avoid being deliberately indifferent to known sexual harassment.

The University will always notify the local law enforcement of any alleged sexual misconduct involving minors and make any other mandated reports to law enforcement as required under state or federal law.