10.14. Post-Graduate Opportunities and Scholarships

Each year, a number of national and international agencies offer a variety of scholarships and post-graduate opportunities which recognize achievement in academics and the potential to contribute to society. Exceptional Oglethorpe University students planning to advance their academic, leadership, or civic qualifications following graduation are encouraged to evaluate their qualifications to apply for these prestigious opportunities. These include but are not limited to the Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, Truman, Gates, Goldwater and Mitchell Scholarships, and organizations such as Teach for America and the Peace Corps. Students who meet basic qualifications are encouraged to notify the nominating committee of their intent to apply based on the procedures and deadlines outlined on the Oglethorpe University website. It is not unusual for very well qualified candidates to start planning for applying for one or more of these opportunities during their sophomore year. The nominating committee, composed of faculty and staff, will review candidates, provide feedback and make recommendations to nominees for each opportunity. For more information, visit Career Development.