6.4.1. Mathematics Course Prerequisites and Mathematics Placement Testing

There are three mathematics courses that have no prerequisites: MAT 111 Statistics, MAT 120 Introduction to Functions, and MAT 121 Applied Calculus. Also, the mathematics Core class, COR 314 Mathematics and Human Nature, has no prerequisites. Thus, any of these four courses can be taken at any time by any Oglethorpe undergraduate student, although junior standing (or higher) is strongly recommended when taking COR 314.

All other mathematics courses have prerequisites. The first several of these are:

CoursePrerequisite (Earning a grade of C- or better)
MAT 130 Advanced FunctionsMAT 120 Introduction to Functions
MAT 131 Calculus IMAT 130 Advanced Functions
MAT 132 Calculus IIMAT 131 Calculus I

Like all prerequisites, these can be satisfied in a variety of ways, including:

    • Passing the specified prerequisite course at Oglethorpe with a grade of C- or better, or
    • Taking a materially equivalent course at another regionally accredited post-secondary institution and transferring the credit to Oglethorpe (see 6.8.2. through Sec. 6.8.6. for additional details), or
    • Exempting the prerequisite via test scores, such as those from certain Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) tests (see 6.8.1. for additional details).

Though AP and IB test scores may be used to exempt students from mathematics prerequisites, even students without the requisite AP or IB scores can exempt some (or all) of the prerequisites for a given mathematics course by taking Oglethorpe’s mathematics placement examination. This exam is available throughout the admission process and by appointment at other times with academic success. The test will discern in which one of several 100-level mathematics courses the student is pre-qualified to enroll. For example, a student might need or want to take MAT 131 Calculus I. Rather than taking all conceivable prerequisites (which could include both MAT 120 Introduction to Functions and MAT 130 Advanced Functions), the student must take the mathematics placement exam. The results may indicate that the student is prepared to take MAT 131 Calculus I already, without taking any of the prerequisites. Or the placement test may indicate that the student needs to take MAT 130 Advanced Functions first. At worst, the test will indicate that the student needs to take MAT 120 Introduction to Functions and then MAT 130 Advanced Functions prior to taking MAT 131 Calculus I. But given the fact that the test can potentially exempt students from all or some of the prerequisites, all undergraduate students who may need to take one or more mathematics courses having prerequisites are required to take the mathematics placement exam before they first register for classes at Oglethorpe.