8.4. Foreign Language Requirement for Students Seeking the B.A. Degree

Undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree are required to take at least one semester of a foreign language at the second-semester elementary level (meaning the 102 level) or higher. Students with prior experience in a foreign language must not place themselves in language courses. Instead, they must take the online language placement exam (see Sec. 6.4.4.). Please note that students pursuing the B.A. degree must actually successfully complete a foreign language course at the 102 level or higher; it is insufficient to simply place into a language course at or beyond the 102 level.

Students with documented learning disabilities requiring language substitutions should consult Sec. 3.3.2.

Certain study abroad trips, endorsed by the division of foreign languages and having a specific language focus, may meet the above requirement to at least the 102 level of the language of interest. Prior review of the trip by the chair and the teaching faculty of the division of foreign languages is required. Students participating in such travel courses must be placed in the 102 course level (or higher) by the aforementioned language placement exam.

Students who graduated from a secondary school where the language of instruction was not English have automatically satisfied the foreign language requirement.

Some majors leading to the B.A. degree require completion of foreign language course(s) beyond the second-semester elementary (meaning 102) level. Please consult the major requirements in Sec. 9.