11.24. Honor Code Administration and Modification

The honor code is owned by the Oglethorpe University community, but its administration, ongoing operation and modification falls to the faculty, which is the guarantor of the integrity of the academic program. The faculty gratefully acknowledges that the honor code requires a substantial commitment and ongoing dedication on the part of our students and other non-faculty personnel, and that such persons consequently have a very legitimate and substantive voice where the honor code is concerned. Such parties are welcome and encouraged to share with the faculty any recommendations they may have for improving the honor code. Likewise, such parties are encouraged to share with the faculty any problems they believe have developed regarding the effectiveness or the integrity of the honor code or honor council.

In addition to the yearly review mandated in Sec. and Sec. 11.8.8., and the ongoing recommendations mentioned above, the honor code should undergo a systemic and complete re-evaluation no less frequently than every five years.