14.3.9. Sanctions & Remedies

The Hearing Panel may impose sanctions, including, but not limited to those set forth below. Specific requirements of each sanction will be determined by the Hearing Panel to appropriately correspond with each finding. The Hearing Panel may also consider prior conduct, complaints, and disciplinary history when determining severity of sanctions. Multiple sanctions may be imposed depending on the number and severity of responsible findings in each case.

A Student Respondent may be imposed: warnings; social probation, which may include restriction from particular buildings, areas of campus, and/or University; restriction from participation in University athletics; no-contact orders; educational requirements focused on substance use, anger management or other issues; mandatory counseling; written reflections; behavior contracts; residential restriction or expulsion; academic restriction, which may limit registration time or course selection; suspension from the University with possible re-enrollment requirements or restrictions; expulsion. Certain sanctions may also include permanent notations of University transcripts. Faculty and staff Respondents may be assessed: warnings; mandatory trainings or other educational requirements; counseling or therapy; behavior contracts; temporary suspensions; demotions; changes to their job description and/or responsibilities; termination; or any other sanction permissible under the Employee Handbook.

Remedies awarded to the Complainant are designed to restore or preserve equal access to University programs or activities. Theses remedies typically include the same individualized services described as Supportive Measures in this policy; however, remedies may be disciplinary, punitive, and burden the Respondent.