6.15. Independent Study Policy

For TU Students

An independent study requires submission of an application which contains a proposed, detailed outline of study, including a list of objectives, a schedule of meetings and assignments, a list of works which will be read and/or a description of projects which will be undertaken, and a specification of the means by which the student’s performance will be assessed. An application form may be obtained from enrollment services, and is available online. The application (including an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript as well as additional supporting documentation) must be approved by the instructor, the division chair, the student’s advisor and the associate provost. The completed and approved application must be submitted no later than the close of business on the final day of the drop/add period of the session of study. First-semester sophomore standing (at least 32 semester hours earned) and a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better are required. A student may take no more than 8 semester hours of independent studies at Oglethorpe and no request should duplicate a course that exists in the curriculum.

Only full-time faculty may supervise an independent study. Others may do so by invitation of the provost. Directing two or more unrelated independent studies in any given semester requires pre-approval by the provost.

For ADP Students

All features are the same as the TU policy, except that the student must have earned 30 (rather than 32) semester hours before applying for an independent study.