6.24.6. Readmission

A student leaves the University when the student:

  • Is dismissed for academic reasons (see Sec.; or
  • Is suspended for one or more regular semesters, as may happen as a result of both honor code and code of student conduct liabilities. A student who is suspended during a semester may be permitted to finish the semester, but is then forbidden from registering for any more classes that semester, and is also forbidden from being on campus, for the entire suspension period (usually the next regular semester, including any intervening summer semester); or
  • Withdraws from the University (see Sec. 6.24.2.); or
  • Is subjected to an involuntary withdrawal (see Sec. 6.24.3.); or
  • Graduates; or
  • Fails to register for a regular (fall or spring) semester any time between initial enrollment and graduation (TU students only); or fails to register for three consecutive regular (fall or spring) semesters (ADP students only).

A student who has left the University and who wishes to return to Oglethorpe (and who is eligible to do so) should complete the application for readmission online and submit the completed application and official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to the office of admission in order to be considered for readmission. Students who were not in academic good standing at the time they left require the approval of the provost for readmission. Students who were not in conduct good standing at the time they left require the approval of the vice president for student affairs for readmission. The University may require additional supporting documentation relating to the student’s likelihood for success at Oglethorpe, and may place certain restrictions and conditions on any such readmission. All readmissions require the student be in financial good standing to enroll.

All students who are readmitted to the University are governed by graduation and other academic requirements at the time of readmission. Any exceptions are granted at the discretion of the provost.