12.1.15. Student Organizations

Campus student organizations include activities and clubs recognized through the Oglethorpe student government association, co-curricular groups, honorary societies chartered at the University, and fraternities and sororities coordinated by the Inter-fraternity Council, the PanHellenic Council, and other councils. Student organizations are subject to the authority and regulations of the University. Recognition and continuation of a campus student organization requires that the philosophy and purpose of the group’s activities be consistent with the philosophy and purpose of the University. National affiliation of student organizations is subject to approval of the University to ensure compliance with University policies.

Eligibility for membership or active participation in student organizations and athletic teams is limited to currently enrolled students at Oglethorpe.  Eligibility to serve as an officer or represent the University in an official capacity in a student organization or team is restricted to full-time, currently-registered students in the TU program, who are in conduct good standing (see Sec. 12.5.) and have a minimum cumulative 2.0 grade-point average.  Any questions concerning eligibility for membership or holding office in a student organization are subject to final determination by the vice president for campus life.

All student organizations must have a University faculty or staff advisor.  Each group must renew its status annually by reporting any changes in its name or purpose, as well as the names of its members, officers and advisor to the assistant director of student engagement and leadership at the beginning of each semester.  Failure to comply with these provisions may result in the organization being declared inactive.  An organization declared inactive or determined to be defunct must reapply for recognition to be re-activated.

For more information on student organizations, view the student organizations list online. Building New Student Organizations

Groups desiring to form a campus student organization must follow the appropriate process prescribed by the student government association, the Inter-fraternity Council, and the PanHellenic Council of the University. Generally, recognition of a new student organization requires a proposed constitution that contains a statement of purpose along with a list of members, officers, and an advisor. The student recognition body and subsequently the University must approve the charters of new organizations. Information, forms, and advice on the procedures and process are available from the director of student activities.