6.4.3. Mathematics Prerequisites and Mathematics Placement Testing for Economics Majors and Minors

Students who plan to major or minor in Economics are subject to a mathematics proficiency requirement. Such students must either have earned a 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Calculus AB or Calculus BC exam or must have earned a “C-“ or better in MAT 121 Applied Calculus or MAT 131 Calculus I at Oglethorpe (or in a materially equivalent course at another regionally accredited post-secondary institution). Students who choose to demonstrate proficiency by satisfactorily completing MAT 131 are reminded that MAT 131 has mathematics prerequisites of its own (see Sec. 6.4.1.). Therefore, such students should take the mathematics placement examination as soon as possible (preferably prior to their first semester at Oglethorpe) so MAT 131, as well as any necessary prerequisites, can be completed in a timely way. Economics majors and minors must satisfy all mathematics prerequisites prior to enrolling in ECO 220 Intermediate Microeconomics. Close consultation with the student’s academic advisor is encouraged.