9.44. Writing

Programs offered:
Minor in Writing (TU)

The Writing minor produces graduates who write articulate, informative, powerful and persuasive work in a variety of genres and for a variety of audiences, cultural perspectives and purposes. Students learn to use concrete detail and logic appropriate to the genre to show clearly, convincingly and with impact the justification for their insights or the positions they assert. Writers fulfill the intentions and potential of their work of various kinds. Through their courses and co-curricular activities intended to integrate different kinds of writing, our Writing students receive a rich experience and strong preparation for writing after graduation.

Minor in Writing (TU)

  1. Completion of five of the following courses, totaling at least 20 semester hours:
    THE 350 Playwriting
    WRI 230 Creative Writing
    WRI 231 Biography and Autobiography
    WRI 290 Special Topics in Writing
    WRI 330 Writing Poetry
    WRI 331 Writing Prose, Fiction and Nonfiction
    WRI 400 Advanced Independent Study in Writing
    WRI 490 Advanced Special Topics in Writing
    WRI 495 Internship in Writing
  1. Additional requirements and things to note:
  • WRI 230 and WRI 331 can each be taken twice for course credit, if the course description and content in each semester is substantially different in topic, as determined by the writing program coordinator.
  • WRI 495 Internship in Writing can only be counted once for the Writing minor. For WRI 495 to qualify for the minor, it must be pre-approved to be a writing-intensive experience by the Writing program coordinator and supervised by an English and Comparative Literature faculty member.