9.14. Digital Media Certificate

Programs offered:

Certificate in Digital Media as part of B.A. or B.S. degree (TU)

Certificate in Digital Media as part of B.A.L.S. or B.B.A. degree (ADP)

The Digital Media Certificate is designed to help students learn how to create and implement digital content for different strategic purposes. The purpose of this certificate is to (1) provide students with a focused understanding of the digital media environment, (2) equip them with the critical thinking skills to make sound decisions based on an understanding of theory and background in the digital media landscape, and (3) assist them in developing the creative skills to design, implement, and manage digital communication efforts.

The Digital Media Certificate is only available for degree-seeking, Oglethorpe students.

Certificate in Digital Media

  1. Completion of all the following courses:
    • COM 175              Web Design
    • COM 230              Social Media Strategy and Analytics
    • COM 250              Digital Storytelling
    • COM 330              Social Media Theories and Practice
  1. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • COM-330 (Social Media Theories and Practice) should be taken as the last course in the sequence as it is the capstone course for the certificate.