1.2. Publishing the Bulletin

1.2.1. Publishing Digital Editions of the Bulletin

The Bulletin undergoes a complete annual review and republishing (at http://bulletin.oglethorpe.edu/) in one or more digital formats. The intended useful lifespan of the Bulletin is the one academic year interval indicated in the Bulletin’s proper title. Thus, the intended useful lifespan of the current Bulletin is the totality of the 2018-2019 academic year. Hardcopy versions of the Bulletin will not ordinarily be made available.

1.2.2. Revising the Current Digital Edition of the Bulletin

The current digital edition of the Bulletin may be updated on an as-needed basis after original publication and before the end of the academic year to which it pertains. The revision number (if any), as well as the date on which the revision became effective, will be listed on the front page of the Bulletin. Previous, outdated Bulletin versions will continue to be archived at http://bulletin.oglethorpe.edu/ and elsewhere.

1.2.3. Primacy and Official Nature of the Current PDF Edition of the Bulletin

The official Bulletin is the most recent digital edition which is published in PDF format at http://bulletin.oglethorpe.edu/. In all matters, the most recent digital edition of the Bulletin published in PDF format at http://bulletin.oglethorpe.edu/ takes precedence over any and all other published materials of any nature, be they digital or hardcopy.

1.2.4. Absolute Expiration of the Lifetime of this Bulletin and all of its Revisions

While the intended useful lifespan of this Bulletin is one academic year, the absolute maximum lifetime of this Bulletin is seven academic years from the time it first takes effect. This time limit is the same regardless of the number and extent of subsequent revisions to the Bulletin. Thus, the Oglethorpe University Bulletin: 2018-2019 and all of its revisions will cease to be viable, functioning documents following the conclusion of the 2025-2026 academic year.