11.5. Jurisdiction

The honor code is in force for every student who is enrolled (either full- or part-time) in any of the academic programs of Oglethorpe University at any given time.

All cases of suspected academic dishonesty will be handled in accordance with the provisions established in this code. The honor council has sole jurisdiction in matters of suspected academic dishonesty. Alternative ways of dealing with cases of suspected academic fraud are prohibited. In cases of alleged academic dishonesty on the part of students, the honor council is the final arbiter. In cases where a faculty or staff member engages in practices that seem to be contrary to the requirements of the honor code, the honor council will refer such cases to the provost and/or the faculty or staff member’s direct supervisor. The jurisdiction of the honor council does not extend to matters of either faculty or staff discipline or to purely social student conduct.

Some honor code violations (instances of stealing, for example) might also constitute potential criminal cases as well as possible violations of Oglethorpe’s code of student conduct. In such instances, the criminal aspects of the alleged act will fall to the jurisdiction of the proper local, state or federal agencies and the code of student conduct concerns will be taken up by the office of campus life. Honor code cases will not be dismissed, nor will sanctions be reduced, simply because the same act may be adjudicated by entities in addition to the honor council.