4.2.1. Freshmen Applicants

First-time Freshman (FF) applicants are individuals who:

  • Have never enrolled in a college or university, or
  • Have been joint enrolled and/or dual enrolled at a college or university before earning a secondary school diploma.

Freshman Transfer (FT) applicants are individuals who:

  • Have enrolled in college but completed fewer than 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours, not including hours earned in joint/dual enrollment.

Because the admission process is the same for both FF and FT students, throughout this section FF and FT students are treated the same; both are referred to simply as “freshmen.” However, there are sections of this Bulletin where the distinction between being a FF and a FT is an important one.

Typically, first-time freshman candidates are completing a secondary school program at the time of application. While an admission decision may be based only on coursework through the junior year, the admission office requires all enrolling freshmen to submit a final official transcript to show completion of academic work and official graduation. Deadlines

Oglethorpe offers three application plans for freshman candidates: Early Bird (Early August or September deadline), Early Action (November 1 deadline) and regular decision (rolling admission).

Early Bird

The Early Bird Application is a specially offered type of application that opens in the summer and gives secondary school students the ability to get their admission decision earlier than many traditional application plans. This is specifically important for athletes and other students who may need to make their college decision early. It uses the exact same format and policies as the Early Action application below, but the essay requirement is waived.

Early Action

Secondary school students with a strong interest in attending Oglethorpe in the fall semester and who wish to receive consideration for full-tuition scholarships should apply under the early action plan. Candidates should complete the application and postmark all required credentials by November 1 of the senior year. Early action admission decisions are mailed on a rolling basis, typically within two weeks of completion of the application, unless the admission committee requires additional information. The early action plan is non-binding, and there is no obligation to make a college choice at the time of admission. The required enrollment deposit is refundable until May 1, provided that the student informs the University in writing of the decision not to enroll.

Regular Decision

Any freshman applicant for any semester may apply under the regular decision plan, which is rolling admission. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are completed, provided that sufficient time remains for processing and enrollment.

Secondary school students seeking to begin in the fall semester should apply in a timely manner during the senior year. The admission office sends notification of admission within two weeks of completion, unless the admission committee requires additional information. The required enrollment deposit is refundable until May 1, provided that the student informs the University in writing of the decision not to enroll. Admission Consideration

The Oglethorpe freshman admission process is selective and based on individual consideration. Eligible candidates should demonstrate academic achievement in a secondary curriculum, including appropriate courses in English, social studies, mathematics and science. In addition to the quality of the secondary school program, Oglethorpe also considers credentials such as standardized test scores, the admission essay, letters of recommendation, involvement in the school and community and work experience. Achievement tests, portfolios or videos are not requested for admission, but will be considered if submitted. The admission office strongly recommends campus visits. Application Requirements (Freshmen)

A completed freshman application includes submission of the application form, payment of the application fee, and the following:

  • Official secondary school transcript or official results of the GED examination.
  • Application essay of at least 250 words (word processed).

Applicants also have the opportunity to submit the optional items below. All submitted items will be considered holistically as a part of a student’s application:

  • Official ACT or SAT scores
    • Oglethorpe considers the strongest score(s) from either test in the admission decision.
    • For the SAT, Oglethorpe considers the highest Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math subscores (regardless of test date) and combines the two highest subscores to get the highest possible total score.
    • For the ACT, Oglethorpe considers the highest individual subject area tests (English, Math, Reading and Science—regardless of test date) and combines the four highest subject area scores to get the highest possible total score.
    • Oglethorpe considers any official scores that appear on the official secondary school transcript, or on a score report forwarded directly to Oglethorpe from the testing agency.
  • Evaluative interview with a member of the Admission staff
  • Personal video submission
    • Video submissions are to be 1-2 minutes and should address the qualities, characteristics, experiences, perspectives, or interests an applicant will bring to the Oglethorpe community.
  • Letters of recommendation from a teacher or counselor who can attest to the applicant’s academic ability. Enrollment Policies

Admitted freshman students must secure their place in the class by submitting an enrollment deposit by May 1 (if the student will enroll in the fall semester) or January 1 (if the student will enroll in the spring semester). Entering freshman students must submit an official final transcript from the secondary school and, if applicable, from all colleges and universities. All freshman students must complete the online housing application or the housing exemption form as soon as possible after submitting the housing application is released. For more details about campus residency requirements or to complete an online housing form, please visit https://reslife.oglethorpe.edu/.

All entering students must fulfill the requirements of our immunization policy (see Sec. 6.5.). Instructions are available at https://health.oglethorpe.edu/immunizations/. Home School

Home schooled applicants are individuals who complete secondary-school requirements in a home school, either through an accredited diploma-granting institution that supplies an official home school transcript, or through a non-accredited home study program.

Home schooled candidates should follow all application requirements for freshman candidates, plus the following additional credentials:

With an official home school transcript:

  • Letter of recommendation from a third party other than a family member, such as a tutor, mentor, or clergy member.

In the absence of an official home school transcript:

  • Portfolio recording all secondary work completed, including courses studied, textbooks, assignments and extracurricular achievements.
  • Letter of recommendation from a third party other than a family member, such as a tutor, mentor or clergy member.