ULP (Urban Leadership, Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, RFULP)

ULP 200 Independent Study in Urban Leadership (1-4 hours)

Supervised research on a selected topic. Prerequisite: Submission of a proposed outline of study that includes a schedule of meetings and assignments approved by the instructor, the division chair and the provost or associate provost. The completed application must be submitted to the office of enrollment services no later than the final day of the drop/add period of the semester of study. For additional criteria, see Independent Study Policy (Sec. 6.15.).

ULP 201 Introduction to Leadership (4 hours)

Are you a leader or a follower?  What is your take on if leaders are born or made? Do you influence others or do others influence you? Do you have the most “followers” on social media or are you cool with “following” others? If you have ever asked, pondered, or even overheard any of the statements above, Introduction to Leadership is for you. The course is designed to provide a cursory and hands-on examination and review of the most prominent leadership theories and styles of leadership, identify the characteristics of “successful” leaders, compare good and bad leaders, and provide the learning tools for students to develop personal leadership manifestos.  Using a variety of mediums and public figures, we will explore one of the most prominent topics of the day.

UPL 202 Women’s Political Leadership (4 hours)

This course is designed to explore the leadership traits, styles, and roles of women within but not limited to the world of politics. Throughout the course we will examine the rise of women leaders throughout the nation and the world, the nuances of women as compared to men leaders, and the needs of 21st century women leaders.

ULP 290 Special Topics in Urban Leadership (1-4 hours)

Courses of selected topics will be offered periodically as determined by the needs of the curriculum. Prerequisite: See individual course listing in the current semester course schedule.

ULP 303 The New American City (4 hours)

The purpose of this course is to examine the problems and prospects of politics and policymaking in the new American city and its environs. Consideration will be given to the political and sociological significance of a number of the factors that characterize this new development the role and influence of the political, business, civil, and socio-cultural environment,  exploration of extremes of wealth and poverty, the mix of racial and ethnic groups, and the opportunities and challenges provided by progress in transportation and technology. Offered annually.

ULP 304 Community Issues Forum: Principles into Practice (4 hours)

This course is taught as a weekly seminar focusing on a particular community issue and accompanied by an issue-related, off-campus internship. Together with faculty, students analyze issues confronting stakeholders, collaborate on solutions and present findings derived from their internship assignments. Students have interned with the state legislature, local and state chambers of commerce, community food banks, arts organizations, corporations, non-profit organizations and a number of other community groups. Topics covered in previous years include: community development, education, transportation, health care and the environment. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

ULP 490 Advanced Special Topics in Urban Leadership (1-4 hours)

Advanced courses of selected topics will be offered generally for juniors or seniors as determined by the needs of the curriculum. Prerequisite: See individual course listing in the current semester course schedule.