10.2. A_LAB: Academic Success Center

The academic success center (ASC) provides comprehensive academic support programs and services that enhance students’ learning potential, thereby promoting academic success and personal growth. The ASC provides a nurturing environment in which students are better able to understand how to learn as well as enhance their collegiate experiences. The ASC serves as a catalyst to help achieve University goals by working to help achieve high graduation rates, promoting excellence in academic coaching and advising, providing support systems to all students, and increasing student retention. The ASC provides the following programs and services: academic advising, academic coaching, accessibility services, EXCEL@OU, peer tutoring, writing center, and supplemental instruction. All of these programs and services provided by the ASC are available to all students at no cost. The ASC is located in the A_LAB area of the Turner Lynch Campus Center. Additional information about programs and services is available at http://success.oglethorpe.edu/. Below are listed specific services provided by the ASC.