6.9. Registration

Registration for all students is managed by the enrollment services. Students with questions about registration procedures should contact enrollment services directly. The staff of enrollment services is located in the lower level of Lupton Hall. E-mail can be sent to hub@oglethorpe.edu or phone calls may be directed to (404) 504-1500.

A student’s initial registration at Oglethorpe University is covered in Sec. 6.3. and occurs prior to attendance at a MAP Day or in the weeks leading up to matriculation. Continuing students register for classes and make any subsequent schedule changes (i.e. drop and/or add classes) through their OASIS account whenever possible. If manual intervention is required, registration changes can take place in-person at the HUB for enrollment services.

When students register for a semester, they are registering for all sessions within that semester, not just the one(s) that may come first chronologically. From the viewpoint of Oglethorpe University, a student’s enrollment status (whether full- or part-time, for example) depends on the totality of hours being attempted in all sessions within a semester. Additionally, there are both financial and financial aid implications associated with making sure a student registers for all sessions within a semester at one time.