Simultaneously Earning Two Majors at Oglethorpe

This policy pertains only to Oglethorpe students who, at time of degree conferral, have simultaneously satisfied the requirements for two majors. As noted above, both majors must be affiliated with the same admit status, either TU or ADP. Such students may earn a double major at time of degree conferral subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student must complete all degree and graduation requirements of both majors.
  2. No more than three courses can be counted in common between the two majors. Individual programs may establish different standards, and these requirements automatically supersede this more generic regulation.
  3. If the majors both fall within the same degree type, then that degree will be awarded and the transcript will reflect attainment of both majors. If the two majors fall within different degree types (for example, for a TU student one major is affiliated with the B.A. degree and the other with the B.S. degree, or for an ADP student one major is associated with the B.B.A. degree and the other with the B.A.L.S. degree) then the student can choose (at the time he/she/they applies for graduation) which degree he/she/they wishes to have. The transcript will show attainment of that degree with both majors listed. Note, particularly, that only one degree (albeit with two different majors) will be awarded in any of the above instances.