5.3. Financial Obligations

Payment arrangements must be made and final payment of all tuition and fees must be completed for each academic term by the dates published on the University website at https:// hub.oglethorpe.edu/billing-payments/. It is the responsibility of the student to be informed of all deadlines. Oglethorpe University reserves the right at any time during the semester to drop any student from classes for failure to pay tuition and fees. Until all financial obligations are met, a HOLD (see Sec. 6.9.2.) is placed on the student’s account, no records are released, no future registration is allowed, and the faculty will not consider such a student as a candidate for graduation. No student with an outstanding balance to the University will be permitted to study abroad or attend other University-related trips. Students with outstanding indebtedness may be subject to late penalties. Unpaid student accounts that are deemed delinquent may be placed with a collection agency. If such action is required, the student will be liable for any cost associated with such action. Any disputes to charges must go through the non-academic committee for complaints, appeals and exceptions (see Sec. 3.9.2.)