Academic Dismissal

A student is dismissed for academic reasons after he/she/they has been on academic probation for one regular semester and has failed to achieve either academic good standing or the requisite term (semester) GPA of 2.2 (or better) to be placed back on warning. The student has one chance for an appeal; please see the previous entry, Sec., for details. A student who is dismissed for academic reasons will be dropped from all classes for which he/she/they may be registered for future sessions and will be required to stay off-campus for at least the ensuing regular (fall or spring) semester (and any intervening summer semester).

In addition, any student who receives the grades of “F,” “WF,” “FA” and/or “U” in all classes at the end of his/her/their first semester at Oglethorpe is subject to academic dismissal. The same appeal avenue as described in the previous paragraph is provided.

Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons may apply for readmission after one regular semester away. Please see Sec. 6.24.5. for additional information. As a part of the readmission process, and in addition to other materials required more generally for readmission, the student should submit a narrative explaining why he/she/they reasonably expects a greater likelihood of academic success than was previously attained. It is helpful to have employers, counselors and/or other third parties write letters in support of the student’s bid for readmission, and such submissions may be required. The final authority for granting an academically dismissed student’s bid for readmission rests with the provost, who is free to attach significant requirements to, and expectations for, the readmitted student’s future academic performance. At minimum, students who are readmitted after being academically dismissed will have one regular semester to either achieve academic good standing or to achieve a sufficient term (semester) GPA (of 2.2 or better) to be placed back on academic warning (rather than on academic probation).

A student who is readmitted after being academically dismissed and who, after one regular semester, fails to satisfy all the provost’s requirements and expectations for academic performance will be permanently dismissed. In this instance, no further readmission is possible.