2.4. Goals of an Oglethorpe University Education

The curriculum, co-curriculum and extracurricular life are designed to develop the following:

  1. The ability to read critically – to evaluate arguments and the evidence and to draw appropriate conclusions.
  2. The ability to convey ideas in writing and in speech – accurately, grammatically and persuasively.
  3. Skill in reasoning logically and thinking analytically and objectively about important matters.
  4. An understanding of the most thoughtful reflections on right and wrong and an allegiance to principles of right conduct, as reflected by Oglethorpe’s honor code.
  5. The willingness and ability to assume the responsibilities of leadership in public and private life, including skill in organizing the efforts of other persons on behalf of worthy causes.
  6. An inclination to continue one’s learning after graduation from college and skill in the use of books, information technology and other intellectual tools for that purpose.
  7. A considered commitment to a set of career and life goals.
  8. An awareness of the increasingly international character of contemporary life and skill in interacting with persons of diverse cultural backgrounds.