11.8.3. Selection of Faculty Members

Each spring semester a notice will go out to all full-time faculty members, announcing the onset of a two-week period during which each can ask to be excused from honor council service for the ensuing year. Reasons for excusal may include but are not limited to plans for sabbatical leave, intent to take a leave of absence, likelihood of retirement, having served on the honor council within the previous three years, and having been at Oglethorpe two years or less. The same three-person review group defined in the Sec. 11.8.1. will examine the requests and decide upon their merits. All full-time faculty members not already serving on the honor council and all faculty members not excluded by the aforementioned review group become eligible for selection.

At approximately the same time as full-time faculty are given the chance to request to be excused from service, all adjuncts (having two or more continuous and satisfactory years of service to Oglethorpe, as judged by the appropriate division chair) will be invited to apply for selection to the honor council. Adjuncts in all academic programs are eligible to apply. The review group defined in Sec. 11.8.1. will vet each of these applicants, consulting with division chairs and others, as appropriate. Upon unanimous consent, the review group can exclude any adjunct applicant for compelling potential (even if unproven) incompatibility with the precepts and standards of the honor code. All applicants not so excluded are eligible for selection.

From the pool of those eligible, the three-person review panel will choose randomly three faculty members for service. The review panel will decide the precise means for carrying out this random selection. The review panel should select names of alternates in case any of the original selectees are unable to serve their full terms.

All faculty serve for approximately 27 months (the ensuing two academic years, plus the summer immediately following their selection). Terms are staggered so that while three new faculty members are selected each year, three are continuing their service, providing a total of six faculty members serving on the honor council at any point during a regular semester.