9.29. Latin American Studies

Programs offered:

  • Minor in Latin American Studies (TU)

Latin America comprises a complex, fascinating, and vital region of the world, and one grappling with an array of fundamental political, socioeconomic, and cultural challenges. The minor in Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of a variety of aspects of Latin American societies, including their history, art, cinema, and literature, as well as their social, economic, and political developments. The minor provides great flexibility to explore a wide range of subjects and will be useful to students planning careers in education, translation and interpretation, the Foreign Service, international organizations, overseas corporations and banking, as well as for those who simply desire a better understanding of Latin America. The multidisciplinary nature of the program also prepares students for further work in a number of academic fields at the graduate level.

Minor in Latin American Studies (TU)

  1. Completion of four elective courses, worth at least 16 semester hours and representing at least two separate disciplines, from the following:
    • ART 340 The Art of the Americas, Africa and Oceania
    • ECO 320 Economic Development
    • ECO 490 Advanced Special Topics in Economics: Microfinance
    • HIS 240 Latin America to Independence
    • HIS 313 The Origins of European Imperialism
    • HIS 340 Dictatorship and Democracy in Latin America
    • HIS 431 History of the United States Foreign Relations
    • SPN 302 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
    • SPN 403 Political Issues in Latin-American Literature and Film
    • SPN 405 20th and 21st Centuries Latin-American Literature
    • SPN 406 French and Spanish Crossroads in the Caribbean and Africa (Caribbean rotation only)
    • SPN 407 Central American Literature and Film
    • SPN 408 Southern Cone Literature and Film
    • SPN 409 Literature of the Conquest and Colonization in Spanish America
    • SPN 411 North American Hispanic Readings and Film
    • SPN 425 Internship in Spanish (may count, depending on the nature of the internship. Pre-approval pf program coordinator of the Latin American Studies minor program required.)
    • SPN 490 Advanced Special Topics in Hispanic Languages, Literatures and Cultures (only courses that apply to Latin America are applicable)
  2. Completion of SPN 470 Latin American Studies Capstone and Portfolio after completion of all other requirements detailed in item 1 (above).
  3. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • The minor requires demonstration of Spanish language proficiency. This can be accomplished by a student earning a grade of “C+” or better in either SPN 301 Advanced Spanish or another upper level Spanish course which is taught exclusively in Spanish.
    • Other courses, particularly Special Topics, which are devoted in total or in part to Latin America, may qualify as an elective for the minor. Students must get prior approval from the program coordinator.
    • At least three of the elective courses (worth at least 12 semester hours) for the minor in Latin American Studies must be taken at Oglethorpe.
    • At most one elective course taken in completion of the minor can be counted toward any other major or minor.