PBH (Public Health)

PBH 201  Public Health Perspectives  (2 hours)

This course offers students a chance to understand the contributions of various sub disciplines in the field of Public Health.  We will explore the history of public health, its ambitious goals in addressing both infectious and non-infectious health issues, and how solutions to Public Health problems come from interesting collaborations between scientific and non-scientific disciplines.  Students completing this class will have a clear understanding of what the term “Public Health” means and will understand why Public Health is a national and international priority. Prerequisites: students must have sophomore standing or higher.

PBH 301  Public Health Workshop  (2 hours)

Public Health Workshop is a seminar-style class that brings Public Health professionals from the Atlanta area into our classroom to facilitate discussions on contemporary issues in public health and the strategies used to address them.  The course will proceed via a series of invited guest lectures delivered by speakers representing myriad viewpoints in the Public Health arena, from scientists, to communications experts, to policy advisors.  Students will prepare for each guest lecture with a reading relevant to the next speaker’s anticipated viewpoint; readings will be chosen in collaboration with the guest speakers.  Following the guest lecture, the class will engage in peer-directed discussions that weave the presented perspective into our definition of Public Health.  By course end, students will have an appreciation for the breadth of stakeholders and skill sets required to work in the Public Health Arena. Prerequisites: students must have second-semester sophomore standing and approval for admission into the program by the Public Health program coordinator.

PBH 302  Public Health in Practice  (2 hours)

This course is a faculty-mentored class-wide internship for students in Oglethorpe’s Public Health Concentration.  Under faculty guidance, and in collaboration with Oglethorpe’s A_LAB, students will be paired with Oglethorpe community partners working in the Public Health arena.  Students will work on their own to complete a minimum of 52 contact hours over the course of the semester in support of the arranged internship or independent study.  Students’ field experiences will be connected to more theoretical aspects of public health through student-led discussions, reflective writing pieces and formal essays.  Every other week students will convene as a group to share their experiences and talk about professional development strategies.  Students will also be required to work with the Career Development office to develop a career strategy and a professional application portfolio that is informed by their experiences in PBH 302. Prerequisites: students must have junior standing and approval for admission into the program by the Public Health program coordinator.