6.16.4. Withdrawal from a Single Course

Once the drop/add period for a session concludes, no additional courses can be added to a student’s schedule for that session. The only way to eliminate a single course from that session is to withdraw from it. Unlike a dropped course, a course from which the student withdraws will appear on the student’s permanent transcript, accompanied by the grade of “W” (withdrew). Withdrawal from a course during a semester necessarily means the student:

  • Shows active registration in one or more courses for an ongoing and/or future session within the same semester), or
  • Remained registered for one or more courses in a chronologically earlier session within the same semester through the last day of that session.
  • Has taken appropriate action (see below) by the close of business on the last day of the withdrawal period for the session in question.

Withdrawal from a course is a student-driven choice although, as always, students are cautioned that eliminating courses from their schedule can have serious effects on their full-time status, on financial aid awards, on athletic eligibility, and on other factors as well. Students are urged to consult with their primary academic advisor and the office of financial aid before withdrawing from courses.

From the conclusion of the drop/add period through the withdrawal period of the session (see Sec. 6.16.3.), students wishing to withdraw from a course must submit the appropriate online form by close of business on the final day of the withdrawal period of the session. In this case, the student will receive the grade of “W” for the course. The “W” grade does not adversely affect the student’s grade-point average. No credit is given for the course.

Students who simply stop coming to a class without having followed the proper course withdrawal process listed above have not withdrawn from the course. All such students will be assigned a letter grade (“A” through “F”) for the course at its conclusion, and will not in any case be eligible to receive the grade of “W.”

Withdrawing from courses may have significant implications on a student’s bill and on the student’s financial aid. Students are cautioned to consult with personnel in the business office and the office of financial aid before withdrawing from one or more courses.

Course withdrawal requests submitted after the conclusion of the withdrawal period will neither be accepted nor processed.  Students may not withdraw from a single course after the conclusion of the withdrawal period of a particular session.