11.8.5. Full Honor Councils

For each fall and each spring semester, the entire honor council corpus will be split into two full honor councils, each consisting of six TU students, three ADP students, three faculty members and one secretary. Each full honor council will have its own meeting time for TU and ADP cases.

For a TU case (that is, a case where the accused is enrolled in the TU program), the ADP students will not typically be used, although they may volunteer to be part of any TU case if any of the six TU students are unable to participate. When the accused is in the ADP program, three of the TU students will not participate, leaving three TU students and three ADP students to form the student portion of the full honor council.

Faculty members and the secretary will serve on their assigned full honor council for cases deriving from all academic programs.

In summary, the full honor council assigned to any given case will consist of a maximum of six student members, three faculty members and one secretary, for a total of 10 persons.