FYS (First Year Seminar)

FYS 101, FYS 102 First Year Seminar I, II (1 hour each)
This is a small-group, seminar style course facilitated by faculty, possibly along with upper-class peer mentors. Within the context of a topic (which can vary from one section to another), students will explore ways to enhance the likelihood of their successful transition from secondary school to college. Students will also learn how to model responsible and engaged behavior in a community of learners and will carry out civil, intellectual discourse within that community.

FYS 201, FYS 202 Student Mentoring for First Year Experience I, II (1 hour each)
This class is for upper-class peer mentors who assist faculty instructors in planning and teaching FYS 101, FYS 102, or other similar courses. Students participate in training meetings prior to the beginning of the targeted course, attend all class meetings, and mentor new students throughout the course. No more than four semester hours totaled across all sections of FYS 201 and FYS 202 are permitted to count toward graduation. These classes are graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.