9.21. German Studies

Program Offered:

  • Minor in German Studies (TU)

A German Studies minor is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with understanding and competence in a variety of German-speaking societies. Like all languages offered in our foreign language program, the German minor is informed by “the five C’s” and represent the defined goals of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning: These are communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.

By combining language learning with the study of literature, German life and thought, history and culture, the student can develop the intercultural competencies relevant to their chosen major to strengthen their professional skills towards success at a local and international level. The minor provides great flexibility to explore a wide range of subjects and will be useful to students planning careers in education, translation and interpretation, the Foreign Service, non-government international organizations, international corporations and banking. Additionally, the German Studies minor will be advantageous for OU graduates seeking employment in German-based Multi-National Firms and Organizations located in the US, many of which have regional offices in Atlanta, such as Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, etc.

A strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches provides students with many opportunities to make connections between German and their other disciplines and programs of study.

Once students have reached an adequate level of proficiency in the German language, they will be ready to complement their classroom studies with full-immersion study abroad opportunities, which is an integral part of the German Studies minor program. While most of the courses for the German Studies minor will be offered and accessible on the OU campus, German Studies minor students are strongly encouraged to spend one semester abroad with our Dortmund partner. There are several fitting German language, history, and culture courses on offer, and up to 12 credit hours may be taken towards fulfillment of the German Studies minor requirements and the student’s major, which may be done in the English language. Coordination of this is in conjunction with the offices of our partner school in Dortmund and the OU Global Education offices. Should a full semester abroad not be possible for the student, then the two-week Study Abroad component of the COR 350 Myth, Meaning and Modernity: German Influencers course should be taken.

Minor in German Studies (TU)

  1. Completion of all of the following courses:
    • GER 101 Elementary German I
    • GER 102 Elementary German II
    • GER 201 Intermediate German I
    • GER 202 Intermediate German II
  2. Completion of four courses selected from among the following
    • COR 350 Myth, Meaning and Modernity: German Influencers from the 19th to Early 21st Centuries
    • HIS 219 German History Since 1800
    • HIS 222 History of the Holocaust
    • HIS 319 Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
    • GER 290 Special Topics in German Language, Literature and Culture I
    • GER 291 Special Topics in German Language, Literature and Culture II
    • GER 400 Advanced Independent Study in German
    • GER 490 Advanced Special Topics in German Language, Literature and Culture I
    • GER 491 Advanced Special Topics in German Language, Literature and Culture II
    • GER 495 Internship in German
  3. Completion of GER 470 German Studies Capstone
  4. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • Concerning the culture courses listed above, it is possible that other special topics courses offered at Oglethorpe as well as certain courses offered at other colleges and through study abroad programs may also qualify, contingent upon approval by faculty teaching in the discipline.
    • It is required that at least half of the courses counted toward the minor be taken at Oglethorpe. However, all students of German Studies are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester in Germany. Guidance in finding an appropriate program is provided by the German Studies program or the director of the Oglethorpe University center for global education. Of particular interest to students of German Studies is the Oglethorpe exchange agreement with Dortmund University. See also information about the center for global education in Sec. 10.3.
    • A student can also gain practical experience by pursuing internship opportunities in German organizations and firms in and around Atlanta. Credit for these activities is given when the internship is completed in accordance with the objectives agreed upon with the faculty supervisor. Credit is given toward the minor upon approval by the student’s faculty advisor. The office of career services has an extensive list of available internships.