6.8.1. Credit by Examination

Oglethorpe University awards academic credit for students that achieve certain levels of proficiency in the Advanced Placement (AP) exams, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The University also utilizes placement examinations in certain disciplines to ensure that new students register for the appropriate level of courses in foreign language, mathematics, science, business, accounting and economics. Academic credit is not awarded for students based solely on placement examination scores. For placement test details, see Sec. 6.4. of the Bulletin.

The following guidelines apply to all three of the credit by examination programs (AP, CLEP, and IB) for which credit is issued:

  • TU students can earn a maximum of 32 semester hours of credit and ADP students can earn a maximum of 30 semester hours of credit from any combination of the different credit by exam programs outlined below.
  • Credit earned through any credit by exam program outlined below may apply toward graduation either as general elective credit or by meeting program specific requirements.
  • Students do not receive a grade for credit earned through examinations. Only credit is awarded.
  • No credit earned through credit-by-examination will satisfy any TU Core requirements, but may satisfy ADP general education requirements for students pursuing a B.A.L.S. or B.B.A. degree.
  • Students will work with their individual academic advisors on applicability of any elective credit earned via credit by examination toward satisfying specific program (major or minor) requirements.

If students have further questions regarding AP, IB or CLEP, please contact either the office of admission or the registrar’s office for more information.