6.10. Academic Load

6.10.1. Full-time Academic Load (All Semesters)

To be certified as full-time students, individuals must have active registration for a minimum of 12 semester hours during a semester (including all sessions within the semester). However, a course load of 32 semester hours per academic year (TU) or 30 semester hours per academic year (ADP) is required in order to complete an undergraduate degree program in four years, assuming one does not take classes during the summer semester.

A student who is enrolled in less than a full-time course of study may be in jeopardy of the following:

  • Losing insurance coverage under his or her parent/guardian’s insurance policy;
  • Not being allowed to live in University residence halls
  • Being placed on a loan repayment schedule by a lender or guarantor if the student is the recipient of federal financial aid; and/or
  • Losing a scholarship if the guidelines for receiving the scholarship require full-time enrollment. All Oglethorpe merit-based financial aid require the student be full-time (see Sec. 5.6.)

6.10.2. Half-time Academic Load (All Semesters)

Half-time enrollment is active registration for at least 6 hours but less than 12 hours during a semester (including all sessions within the semester).

6.10.3. Overload (All Semesters)

Students are normally permitted to register only for as many as 19 semester hours each semester (including all sessions within the semester). A student whose academic load exceeds 19 attempted semester hours must obtain overload permission. Such overloads may be allowed for students with sophomore standing and a minimum grade-point average of 2.7. A request form may be obtained from the HUB or online at the HUB website, http://hub.oglethorpe.edu. The form requires approval by the student’s advisor and the associate provost. No overload will be approved if the request would result in more than 23 semester hours attempted. All students will be charged additional amounts for attempting more than 19 semester hours in a given semester (including all sessions within the semester).

6.10.4. “No Show” Grades and Their Impact on Academic Load

Instructors are required to inform the University whether a student was present in class during certain weeks of class for each session. If a student is reported during this period as having never attended any of his/her courses for a session, the University will administratively withdraw the student. If one or more instructors indicate a student never attended their course, but at least one instructor does indicate attendance, the student will be assigned a grade of “NS” (No Show) in the courses he/she was reported as having never attended. The credit hours for each of those courses will still be billed to the student’s account, the credit hours will be considered part of the student’s academic load during the semester, and those credits will be counted as attempted hours for financial aid purposes. The “NS” grade is not calculated in a student’s grade-point average.

6.10.5. Special Rules for International Students

International students in the student visa status of F are generally required to carry a full-time course load as defined by the institution in order to remain in proper status with their issued visa (currently 12 hours per semester for undergraduate students, including all sessions within the semester). An international student who is enrolled on an F-1 student visa may be in jeopardy of being out of compliance with the visa if enrolled in less than a full-time course of study. Additionally, F status international students enrolling for the first time in summer school must carry 6 semester hours (including all sessions within the semester) to be considered full-time for immigration purposes. All students studying at Oglethorpe University on an F-1 visa should consult regularly with the Designated Student Official (DSO), housed in the A_LAB, to ensure compliance with the regulations of the issued visa. Changes in course schedules should not be made without prior consultation with the DSO. Failure to remain in compliance with the student visa could result in being required to leave the country immediately.