12.2.3. Policy on Student Demonstrations

Oglethorpe University fully supports freedom of expression and peaceful assembly for students. Having the opportunity to assemble peacefully and to discuss issues is essential to the student’s education. However, to prevent bodily harm, to protect property, and to avoid disruption of the educational process, participants in a demonstration must conduct themselves in a responsible manner. The following standards of conduct apply to all campus assemblies, meetings, parties, or other gatherings of students:

  • No person may push, strike, physically assault, use an object as a weapon, or threaten any member of the faculty, staff, student body, or any visitor to the University.
  • The person(s) mainly responsible for organizing a demonstration must meet with the director of campus safety prior to announcing the event to agree on procedures for maintaining order.
  • All other campus policies on conduct, as well as all local, state and federal laws, apply to student demonstrations on the Oglethorpe campus.