6.17. Class Attendance

Students are responsible for utilizing the resources (including instructional resources) of the University in a way that maximizes the educational benefits they can derive. Regular attendance at class sessions, laboratories, examinations and official University convocations is an obligation which all students are expected to fulfill. In addition, the official academic calendar maintained and published by the registrar may require attendance at events  held at times other than regularly scheduled class meetings. All instructors will make a clear statement in each course syllabus describing their policies for handling absences from regularly scheduled class sessions and (if warranted) from any required outside-of-class meetings mandated by the official academic calendar. Students are obligated to adhere to the requirements of each course and of each instructor.  Students are also cautioned to understand that how an absence affects the student’s grade in a course is at the discretion of the individual faculty member; there are no automatic excused absences for varsity athletic trips, student presentations at conferences, illness, or any other reason.  Students should consult with faculty in advance concerning real or potential conflicts in their academic schedules.