Oglethorpe University Bulletin: 2016-17

Original publication date: August 19, 2016.

Date this Bulletin is first effective: Following the conclusion of the 2016 summer semester.

Absolute expiration of the lifetime of this Bulletin and all of its revisions: Following the conclusion of the 2023 summer semester.

See the entire 2016-17 bulletin in PDF format. 

This Bulletin is published and periodically revised by the office of the provost. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between Oglethorpe University and any student or employee. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material contained in this Bulletin on the original publication date or the revision date, whichever is later. However, Oglethorpe University assumes no liability for editorial or clerical errors. Furthermore, programs, courses (as well as their content and prerequisites and co-requisites), policies, procedures, requirements and lists of personnel are subject to revision. Oglethorpe University reserves the right to change any part of this Bulletin, including but not limited to requirements for graduation, without notifying students or employees individually. Every effort will be made to keep students and employees abreast of all such changes. The most reliable information can always be found in the most recent digital version of this Bulletin which is published on bulletin.oglethorpe.edu. Final responsibility for selecting and registering for courses, and for meeting degree requirements, rests with students. Please see additional important information in Sec. 1.1. and Sec. 1.2.

Acknowledgement: The editor gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance received as a result of studying the Undergraduate Catalog published by Georgia State University and archived online. The reader is referred to the cover page of the Oglethorpe University Bulletin: 2012-2014 for additional details.